The eye piece is an antique colander purchased from a local antique shop. The entire mask (minus hardware) is made entirely of vegetable tanned Cow hide. The lines were tooled into the hide to give a "multi piece" look then individually dyed black with a fade into the surrounding brown. The rivets are all stainless steel and some were put on before dyeing to give a rusted look. The chin is hand sculpted and formed on the mask. The customer wanted the mask "molded to fit his face" so after assembling the mask before dyeing and finishing the mask had to be saran wrapped around the customer's face for several hours. After forming and individually mixing dyes to form the range of browns on the mask it was assembled and fit the customer "like a glove should". The mouth was made to include "teeth" by using a solid brass heavy duty zipper. The customer later reported that he won 2nd place at a major costume contest. similar piece $850.00

more images of the Steam Punk Mask

  • The mask was made to adjust and fit by tightening the corset style closing system, along with a stainless steel buckle and strap for a perfect fit.
  • One of the most truly custom orders we have ever received. This customer wanted a mask to "stand out from the rest". The inspiration of design was a steam punk theme.